Stagg Architects are committed to helping clients achieve and exceed their responsibilities in reducing carbon emissions and delivering the most sustainable low-energy buildings possible. We have a firm belief in the simple concept of "Long life, Loose fit, Low energy" pioneered by RIBA-president Alex Gordon almost 50 years ago but which is more appropriate today than ever before.

In all aspects of our design we strive for efficiency, especially when considering environmental performance both in terms of the design and construction process as well as the lifetime performance of the building. Quite often good sustainable principles can align with good economic principles and we look carefully for these opportunities and ensure they are exploited to the full.

We prefer simple systems to reduce energy use, such as through passive design, intelligent computer modelling and robust detailing. This includes optimising insulation performance, reducing air leakage, and managing solar gain. In tandem with this approach we consider the benefit of renewable energy sources, deciding on the most beneficial approach through a careful process of analysis and cost-testing.

We are very interested in how better design can achieve a carbon emissions reduction, particularly in relation to embodied carbon which is better understood through whole life carbon analysis. This is in addition to the more conventional approach of considering operational carbon which is only part of the story.

We work closely with our clients to examine in detail the options available to them so that they can fully contribute to reducing their impact on the environment and challenge their thinking, while understanding that for change to happen it must be realistic and achievable. This is an exciting area of design and we are enthusiastic about what we can achieve in this incredibly important field.