We have a keen interest and considerable experience in the design of contemporary buildings within the historic environment. The challenge of working in a conservation area or with a listed building often leads to a more ingenious solution, and we see these situations as opportunities for high quality, sensitive, and imaginative design.

Through a respectful and intelligent dialogue we establish a relationship of trust with local conservation bodies, the local authority conservation officer and Historic England, and through a common understanding we develop design solutions which are both imaginative and contemporary, while being respectful to the historic context.

We are not afraid to challenge and are prepared to sometimes put forward seemingly radical solutions, but only where they are supported by rigorous thinking and high quality design. Our thoughtful and analytical approach enables us to better understand the essence of a historic building and what makes it significant. With this understanding our proposals can enhance the qualities of the original structure, add a new layer of history, and more often than not give the building a whole new lease of life.